Leatherhead & District Local History Society
Newsletters & Proceedings


Every past edition of our Newsletter and Proceedings can now be seen via the Online Archive link on the left of your screen.

Each new edition will become available to the general public after a sensible period of exclusive access to existing members.

Full open access enables you to see the enormous depth of historical research carried out by members of this Society over the past 70 years. Whether you are a researcher yourself or just interested in the fascinating story of our area, you will have no difficulty in meeting your needs.

While the Newsletters shows the enormous range of activities that successive generations of members have enjoyed since 1946, as well as telling countless stories of life within the Leatherhead area, the Proceedings provide fully referenced material, generally in greater detail. You can just make your choice and dive in.

For news from the Friends of Leatherhead Museum please see the Leatherhead Museum link on the left of your screen then go to Museum/Friends News.


The On-line Archive pages are searchable using their own Search page. Digitised items found - apart from the Newsletters and the Proceedings - can be viewed only by those who are members of the Society. Other visitors wishing to view these should contact the Society by email - see Contacts page

The Society's pages and those relating to the Leatherhead Museum are searchable via the SEARCH site link on the left of your screen. Long pages that you find can be searched using CTRL-F.


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