Leatherhead & District Local History Society
by Goff Powell & Brian Hennegan

Memories of two Leatherhead lads –
from The Rising Sun over the Town Bridge to the Crossroads

In 2009 the Leatherhead & District Local History Society published a book by Brian Hennegan entitled Over the Bridge which was followed by a further book Over the Bridge, the Southern Side, by Brian Hennegan and Goff Powell.  Both authors felt that it would be fitting to write another book about Leatherhead to complete a ‘Bridge Trilogy’. 

The two previous books had featured the Kingston Road railway bridge in their title.

This third book still follows ‘The Bridge’ theme but now the bridge in question is the Town Bridge at Leatherhead over the River Mole, at the foot of Bridge Street.  The book begins at the site of The Rising Sun public house and travels up Bridge Street to the Crossroads in the town centre.

The authors hope that they have been successful weaving a path through the years and that the book will provide the reader with an enjoyable glimpse into the past and resurrect many latent memories.

There will be a signing of this book by the authors at Barton's Bookshop, Leatherhead on 5th September 2015 from 10am.

Copies will also be available from Leatherhead Museum (when open) for £8 (or by post - add £1.50 UK postage - from the Sales Secretary, 64 Church Street, Leatherhead, KT22 8DP: cheques should be made payable to L&DLHS) and from 5th September from Barton's Bookshop, Leatherhead.  

other bridge

(L&DLHS 2015)  ISBN 978-0-95724-082-7 softback, 66 pages
with 162 photographs/illustrations
£8 plus £1.50 postage