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These days most people have a mobile phone. Increasingly these phones have a decent camera built-in. Handy digital cameras are also quite common.
So many of us are quickly able to take photos of things that contribute to the history of where we live.

For example you notice that some change may be made or just feel that it would be a good idea to record things as they are now.

The aim of this project is to build up an on-line record of where we live. Then we can eventually have a visual record of change, and where better to view it than on the Internet?

How you could take part in this project

Each photo should ideally be of a large rather than a small or medium file size. We can reduce the file size for the web and use the original to add the the archives of the Society.

If necessary take an additional photo to provide the context.  Better photos of the same place are also welcome.
Of course, please be careful when taking photos!

Or if you are not able to provide an image, let us know what you have spotted.

Please email your photos to the editor of this page, Frank Haslam, stating when and precisely where you took each one, and any comment.

Copyright of the images remains with the providers. If you wish to make use of the images please contact us first.


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