Leatherhead & District Local History Society - Talks On Offer

This is the list of the talks that we are able to offer to other organisations.

Please feel free to contact any of the presenters. Once contact is made you will be able to discuss dates, times, fees, and provision of appropriate equipment.

In each case change AT in the email address to @ before sending.



A Mind Walk through Leatherhead in the 1940s-50s
The Sopwith Camel
Brooklands and the Hawker Hurricane
Mr Brian Hennegan
A Walk Round Old Ashtead
Ashtead Farms
Woodfield Farm, Ashtead
Gilbert White of Selborne
Mrs Gwen Hoad
Early Years of Motoring in Surrey
The Story of Dennis of Guildford
Brooklands and the World Land Speed Record
Surrey Roads - from Turnpike to Motorway
Surrey Aviation Buildings - past and present
Mr Gordon Knowles
Leatherhead Hospital Past, Present and Future
Hampton Cottage: Leatherhead Museum
Dr Fred Meynen
Fetcham Parish Boundary
Fetcham Park House
The Millpond, The Mizens and the Watercress Beds
Mr Alan Pooley
Local Roads that never got Built
Air Travel in the 1930s
Mr John Wettern

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